Expanding to Asia

The Singapore Opportunity

In today’s global market it is often not a question of the risks of doing business in Asia – but the risks of not doing business in Asia. However, even for enterprising, experienced business development professionals from places like Europe or North America, Asia can represent a dizzying array of cultures, practices and geographies. Rather, it should.

Long gone are the days before the Internet where Asia was considered by many Westerners to be a monolithic continent with a handful of similar people and cultures. Today’s global professional already understands that Asia is a multicultural universe with many, many languages and cultures even within a single country. What’s more, the relationships between different regions, nations and provinces are very important markers to understand on the path to business success.

The people of Singapore understand these relationships better than most as their own society is ethnically diverse, universally educated to a high level and because they regularly interact with people from around the whole world. By virtue of Singapore’s geographical location, its reputation for good governance and historical stability over the years, the city state has risen to prominence as a main business hub. And, with the gravity of Hong Kong’s financial sector waning, all eyes are now on Singapore for the next few decades as the government continues to pave the way for global business.

Singapore is a gateway to business and it shows. The city sports all the amenities of a modern society from an award-winning airport, public transit system and optimised toll roads to Asia’s best hospitals and schools. Only a few hours flight from even the farthest flung Asian city Singapore is the natural place to begin the tasks involved in beginning or expanding a business venture. 

If you are looking for a place to start or expand your business in the Asian continent, look no further than Singapore.

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